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BUNDLE 281 x Lightroom Presets for Desktop 24 Packs Desktop and Mobile

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BUNDLE 281 x Lightroom Presets for Desktop 24 Packs Desktop and Mobile

Lightroom Presets
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Made by International Travel and Lifestyle Photographer Chantelle Flores from 51 Countries and Counting.

Feel inspired by these 24 Lightroom Preset Collections that target a wide range of color pallets. You will receive 281 desktop and mobile Lightroom Presets that will take your images to the next level. Go from amateur to pro at a click of a button. These presets will help you achieve sharp, professional-looking images that have the perfect, professional touch with one click of a button.


281 x Desktop Lightroom Presets (LR templates)
281 x Desktop Lightroom Presets (XMP)
281 x Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG)


Lightroom Presets that can be used for desktop or mobile.
Fantastic for all kinds of Travel Themes
* Fully compatible and fully optimized for Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic, Creative
Cloud and Mobile
* The Desktop Version is fully adjustable for personalized customization
*Quality of the final image, once the presets have been used, may differ depending on the
original image quality. These presets are recommended for use on high-resolution images that
have been shot with a professional DSLR or a cellphone with great image quality.
* License good for (1) photographer/studio only


[Addison Nude] 12 Presets
[Elodie] 10 Presets
[Golden Hour] 12 Presets
[Hot Air Balloon] 5 Presets
[Wild and Free] 12 Presets
[Winter Blues] 12 Presets
[Nude Outdoor] 12 Presets
[Autumn] 12 Presets
[Girl Boss] 8 Presets
[Winter Green] 12 Presets
[Neon City] 15 Presets
[Cozy Christmas] 12 Presets
[Birds] 14 Presets
[Child Portrait] 15 Presets
[Country Living] 12 Presets
[Christmas Lifestyle] 12 Presets
[Pro Presets] 12 Presets
[Shades of Yellow] 10 Presets
[Red and White] 12 Presets
[Vintage Christmas] 12 Presets
[Cinematic Winter] 12 Presets
[Golden Gate] 7 Presets
[Pastel Beach] 12 Presets
[Newborn Warm] 5 Presets

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